Windows Installation

I have downloaded Paraview on Windows but cannot find documentation as to how to install and run it. Help would be appreciated

Like any other software on windows.


Many thanks for your prompt reply, downloaded and installed it and all seemed to complete without error, however when I came to run it I got a VCOMP140.DLL is missing error message. From searching Google it seems it is a system error and I will have to get some assistance tomorrow to fix it. I am in Adelaide South Australia so it will have to wait for tomorrow. But thanks for your assistance.

Rod Curtin

It seems that you don’t have the redistributable packages.
You can download it here:

@ben.boeckel @cory.quammen do you know why this DLL is not included in the release package?

It’s being addressed here:

Thanks to all of you guys, now up and running.
Had used VTK since early 2000s doing visualisations of the sea bed for a Hydrographic firm but in a linux environment. Find windows an awfull environment.
You guys are a credit to the open source community
Rod Curtin

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