Windows Mixed Reality Headset


I’ve been playing around with the VR mode of ParaView. Everything worked great except the controllers, which were recognized but the buttons not properly mapped.

I used an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset, which does not seem to be supported in the official documentation.

Has someone experienced something similar?
Is there an easy way that I could setup different controllers than those officially supported?

Thanks in advance!

I dont think this headset was ever tested so it must be missing the interaction file. We should be able to help you craft it and contribute it back to ParaView though, if you’re interested.

@LucasGandel @Lucas_Givord @tgalland should know more.

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I confirm there is no interaction profile file yet for this headset (.json file describing the button mapping for each kind of controller).

Thanks for your prompt reply!

I’ll tinker around with the .json configuration files that @tgalland mentioned. I’ll get back to you both, hopefully, with a solution.

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