Wireshark RasberyPi for PCAP capture

Has anyone tried using Wireshark on a raspberyPi to capture PCAP files for post processing?
How are you capturing LiDAR data for mobile SLAM setup?

Hello Matthew,

you may as well try to save pcap files ( which can be analyzed later on in Wireshark or LidarView for instance ) by using tcpdump on Raspberry Pi . Here would be some potentially useful link :



Thanks again for the great info. I know of tcdump but maybe do not fully understand the difference between Wireshark and tcdump? I will do more research to understand. I guess Wireshark is more for analyzing the UPD PCAP data and tcdump for capturing the files?
Basically I just want to store the PCAP files on a USB during my SLAM scan so that I can then plug into a laptop or desktop with LiDARView after the scan to analyze data and convert to LAS file for pointcloud viewing.
Does that sound like a proper workflow?