Write/save nodes of surface composed of lines with a clockwise/counter-clockwise order

Hello to Everyone,
I have a 3D multiblock data-set composed mainly of an outer boundary and of an inner boundary (an airfoil). This dataset is simply the extrusion of a 2D dataset. I need the coordinates of the airfoil, so I extracted the blocks belonging to the airfoil (“extract block”), merged together (“merge blocks”), applied the “extract surface” filter and sliced the domain with a midplane. In this manner I obtained a closed curve composed of lines, but when I save data for external post-processing of this geometry (meshing), nodes are not written in a clockwise/counter-clockwise manner, but they are written with a random order. I know I can extract connectivity of lines and deducing the points order with an external script, but I’m wondering if there is a method embedded in paraview to accomplish this…


In addition, could you apply the following filters to the resulting closed curve?

  1. Triangle Strips filter
  2. Clean filter

It works! Thank you very much!
The complete solution to this problem is to use, in addition to the triangle strips filter and the clean filter, the append arc length filter and then reorder points by arc length in the spreadsheet view.