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Dear All,
I am having difficulties with writing out pvtu files from a Catalyst process. Writing them out directly using for instance a threshold defined within the python script works great, but I do have another function for processing the data directly. I can access all fields and perform the computation and in the end would like to write out the results as a vtkIntArray. Using one thread and vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriter this works great, but in parallel from within Catalyst and using vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridWriter it writes out data to disk, the *.pvtu file also looks correct, but when reading the data back with ParaView, the XML reader complains about wrong formed tokens etc. Here is the part of C++ code I use to write out the files. The input data is a unstructured grid with one vtkUnsignedIntArray.:

vtkMultiProcessController* ctrl = vtkMultiProcessController::GetGlobalController();

vtkNew completeArrays;

vtkNew writer;

I also looked into the Catalyst example and the test for vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridWriter. I also tried without using vtkCompleteArrays, but as it very well may be that process 0 does not have any points, I thought this will be on the safe side.

Thanks for any hints and Cheers,

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Hi Niklas,

Have you looked at using the vtkCPXMLPWriterPipeline? That along with maybe the CxxVTKPipelineExample under the Examples/Catalyst subdirectory of the source code may get you where you want to go, which I assume is using Catalyst without Python.

Good luck!

ps. I think the mistake you’re making with the vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridWriter is that it should be:


Also, I don’t think vtkCompleteArrays should be necessary here anymore, i.e. with ParaView 5.6.

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Thank you Andy, you are awesome!!!