Wrong with visualization

Dear all,
The simulation is completed by OpenFOAM. And, when I tried to visualize it, which is wrong with something. But I don’t know how to fix it
Could you help me?

Please share your data

Hi, Mathieu
Due to the too large data, I cannot be allowed to share my data. But, I can visualize it by using Paraview in LINUX environment.
When using data with the same conditions, I cannot be allowed to visualize it by using Paraview in WINDOWS environment.
I suspect something is wrong about Paraview-windows versions.

Please share your data using WeTransfer or another file sharing website.

What is the size of the data? Are you able to load it at all on Windows? If not, you are having problems on Windows only it is likely due to file size limits we run into with the standard file reading routines used in the reader.

Hi Cory,

the size of the data is 13.3 GB in the VTK format. I was able to load more large data in windows during previous test, such as 90 GB in the VTK format.

Hi Fchu,
I assume the VTK data is being stored in binary format, not as ascii text.

Hi Walter,
Do you know how to modify the VTK data from binary format to ascii text in OpenFOAM?
If you know that ,please tell me and thanks