Wslink version embedded in paraview

I have downloaded Paraview 5.10.1 (egl version), but had a hard time making some wslink-related code work; and just realized the version of wslink embedded is a few-months old (< 1.3.0, and for me doesn’t include the onConnect callbacks).

Is it normal? For now I will force using the latest wslink, but if possible I would be a bit unwilling to do this in prod, fearing bugs raised from incompatibility. Is it expected to build a paraview version with more recent wslink?


Yes wslink<1.3.0 was what was available at the time of ParaView 5.10 release.
We are updating wslink for ParaView 5.11 and hopefully it should happen today or during next week (not the release but the merge).
This also mean, the ParaView nightly binaries will have it starting next week.

As a side note, you can “patch paraview” by deleting the wslink within the pv package and rely on the one in your virtual env and that will be totally fine within a docker.


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