WSS, Graph plotting

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I did simulations on patient-specific models. I have calculated WSS, TAWSS, and OSI in the simulation file, but I want to plot graphs of WSS , TAWSS, and OSI on a wall in transient simulation case . Kindly help me with that.

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To graph time series data, the Plot Data Over Time filter or the Plot Selection Over Time filter may be used.

By the way, TAWSS and OSI are given by
\text{TAWSS} = \frac{1}{T}\int_0^T |\tau_w|dt
\text{OSI} = \frac{1}{2}\left( 1 - \frac{\frac{1}{T}|\int_0^T \tau_w \:dt|}{\frac{1}{T}\int_0^T|\tau_w| \:dt} \right)
where \tau_w is the WSS vector and T is the duration of the pulsatile cycle. Therefore, since TAWSS and OSI are integral values in one heartbeat cycle and not time series data, can’t we draw a graph for each time step?

Thanks for your reply but i am asking how to plot , like extract over 3d geometry in my case.


I am not sure what kind of drawing you are wanting to do. Do you have an example of an image?

Yes its there in question ,

Mai i have your email id ?