x3d export problem: wrong number of nodes

Hi, I need to export my mesh from PV to use it in another software (Blender). The X3D file format seemed to be doing the job, however for the mesh I’m working on the number of nodes in the X3D file is different from the one in the VTU file (49 nodes out of 8786 are missing). Any idea on where to start to solve this issue? I’m not sure I can share the VTU file…

Looks more like an issue with the export from blender.
Can you share the files ?

well I did the export in ParaView and looked at the number of nodes in the X3D file, Blender in the end is not even involved in the process yet. There are less nodes in the X3D than in the VTU. Here are the VTU and the X3D. Worse, many more elements seem to be missing (17467 vs 26262). I ran a mesh quality filter, seems there is a weird area, may it come from this?

aile_pdt_1.x3d (1.3 MB) aile_effort_impose_Export_1_0.vtu (1.3 MB)

Sorry, I misunderstood.

There is maybe a bug in the x3dExporter in ParaView/VTK, it will require more investigation.

OK, shall I write a bug report?

Yes please.

OK thank you very much!