XDMF crash paraview

Hi everyone,

My problem is related to a instantanely crash of paraview when i’m trying to open results downloaded from a cluster (CINECA) saved in .h5 e .xdmf format stored in the same folder. When I open the second one using an appropriate reader paraview crash and close automatically the window. I have no error message.

I’ve tried with paraview 5.10 and then 5.9, both are not working.

Here the file:u_from_tstep_0.xdmf (16.5 KB)
u_from_tstep_4100.xdmf (43.8 KB)

Please share the .h5 files too.

In this folder you can find all the files, they’re all corrupted.(Timeseries - Google Drive)

XdmfHeavyData.dod seems missing

I have never heard of this file. how do you generate ? I’ve always used this couple of files (h5 and xdmf) to open such results.