Xdmf reader with xinclude


(Using ParaView 5.6 home made compilation on Linux, and reader xdmf3)

I have a user that wants to use the xdmf format to read raw (ascii) data (points and values at each points). This is an extract of the xdmf documentation from http://xdmf.org/index.php/XDMF_Model_and_Format#XInclude.

" XInclude

As opposed to entity references in XML (see below), XInclude allows for the inclusion of files that are not well formed XML. This means that with XInclude the included file could be well formed XML or perhaps a flat text file of values.
If I understand correctly I can use Xinclude to include raw data (the data itself without any xml tag) from a external file.

the syntax I tried without any success is :

<Attribute Name=“Deformation” Center=“Node” AttributeType=“Vector” >
<DataItem Format=“XML” NumberType=“float” Dimensions=“13090 3”>
<xi:include href=“RawDef.dat” />

But i get the folowing error :

/gpfs/home/fbordeu-weld/tmp/testXDMF/RawDef.dat:1: parser error : Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found
0.079124 0.098167 0.169918

Then I went into the sources (file XdmfXoreReader;cpp) to try to find the error and found (at line 163) this:
163 document = xmlReadFile((char*)filePath, NULL, 0);

This means that the included file MUST be a valid XML file, and the documentation is not correct?? Or I’m doing something wrong??


Hi a quick look at the source file tell me that currently vtkXdmf3Reader does not support xincludes.