XDMF Status


I am wondering about the support / development status of XDMF + HDF5 in VTK/Paraview. I’ve found a number of problems, some of which have been reported by others (also here on discourse), but there was no answer from Paraview developers.

Hence I wonder: is XDMF still maintained and/or developed? Are the developers interested in bug reports?



Hi Marcin,

Most definitelly ! If you happen to have an issue and a reliable way to reproduce it, please do open an issue !

Thanks, Mathieu! will do…

@mwestphal Hi, Mathieu! Just as a follow-up. I have submitted 3 posts here on discourse, but I see that you suggested ‘opening an issue’. Since I did not get any feedback, did you mean submitting gitlab issues instead of posting here? I can also do that, if needed.