XDMF writer with the option mesh static over time

I am trying to write all my simulation data into an XDMF archive. The problem is that the option to write the mesh only once “mesh static over time”. As I am using ParaView on a cluster, I can compile it again or use spack for that. Is there any plugin that can activate “mesh static over time” for the XDMF write in ParaView? Or Do I need to compile it again with some special flags?

Thanks in advance

Where did you see that option ?

I have the option in Paraview version 5.4.1. When I choose ‘save data’, and the xdmf format, there is a box that can be checked.

@Ryan90 Sorry but want you want to achieve here is not clear: ParaView’s XDMF2 writer has this option “Mesh Static Over Time” that can enable when mesh geometry does not change over time (while attributes do change of course). It is a builtin option, what basically just write the geometry once in the file and then refers to it at every frame.

Then, could you please explain again what you are looking for exactly?

The problem is that this option (‘Mesh Static Over Time’) is not available for me on Paraview 5.10 but I had it in 4.4.0. I need it because my mesh is quite large and I cannot afford to write it every timestep. How I can activate it?