Xdmf3 and GeometryType "X_Y_Z" with Quad9 Topology

I am trying to visualize Quad9 element with Xdmf3. I’m using Paraview 5.5.2.
I intend to use the “X_Y_Z” GeometryType instead of “XYZ” (later my code will read 3 separate HDF5 fields).

I’m doing a minimal test in XML (attached here).
It fails to read using Xdmf3 (although it still works with Xdmf2 Reader, which is pretty weird since I am using keywords that were introduced in Xdmf3 only).

The message I get is “Skipping unrecognized array type [None]”.

Any help is much appreciated!

G. Bornia

quad9_X_Y_Z.xmf (1.0 KB)