Xdmf3 reader : blocks & finite element functions

Dear Paraview developpers,

I’d like to use the xdmf format to store data in a 3d volume as wall as on the different boundaries, and I’d like to use the finite element function feature.

  • Unlike for the Xdmf2 reader, the blocks / hierarchy of the data is not displayed for the Xdmf3 reader and the “extract block” filter does not work. It seems however that the vtkXdmf3SILBuilder structure is filled correctly and that outInfo->Set(vtkDataObject::SIL(), this->Internal->GetSIL()) is called.
    Is this intended? Is there a way to have this feature without having to load 1 file per grid?
    test_multiblock.xdmf (2.4 KB)

  • For the surfaces, I’d like to be able to export data that can be cell centered, node centered or defined using Raviart Thomas basis. When I do so, nodes are added (e.g. in the attached example the original grid has 2 triangles and 5 nodes, and one node is added in ParseFiniteElementFunction) which make the grid inconsistent with the node data. Is it possible to modify the node data arrays to take into account the duplication of the nodes?
    test_RT.xdmf (1.8 KB)

Thank you very much for your help,
Best regards,