XML plugin syntax evolution between ParaView 5.6 and 5.8

I’ve noticed some changes in the way ParaView 5.8 handles several custom plugins when a .pvsm state file is loaded.

Theses plugins are based on the vtkPythonProgrammableFilter class and uses a XML file to display some parameters in the properties panel. In order to define input and output file path, we used the following XML syntax to define filechooser options:

<Documentation>Path to the TXT file to generate</Documentation>
<FileListDomain name="files"/>
      <FileChooser extensions="txt" file_description="Result file" />

With ParaView 5.6, the paths defined with that syntax appear in the “Load State file” window when the option “Choose File Names” is activated.

With ParaView 5.8, these paths do no longer appear in that window.

I don’t know if the XML plugin syntax has evolved since ParaView 5.6 and if I have to adapt my XML file to get these paths back in the “Load State” window.

Should I open an issue in the bug tracker?

Thanks a lot for your help,


I’ve open an issue in the bug tracker with a test case showing that problem.