XML styling

XML styling in ParaView is a bit all over the place, I wonder if we should (1) defined a style to be respected among developpers, (2) add a automatic check in gitlab to ensure it is respected and (3) run a script to fix the style in all currently present XML files.

Wdyt @Charles_Gueunet @utkarsh.ayachit @ben.boeckel @cory.quammen ?


some tools like xmllint might be useful

Anything implemented needs to be as automatic as Do: reformat. I don’t want to burn up developer and reviewer time worry about XML formatting.


If the tool(s) support rewriting the file in a standard way, the repository to add support in is here. Once it is there, we can look at getting it configured for the robot to enforce it.

Note that the documentation element supports a subset of RST so space is significant - text has to start at column 0. The automatic formatting tool will have to take that into account (or the way we format the documentation has to be improved so that we don’t care about spaces).