XMLImageDataReader keeps re-executing with a static dataset when playing keyframes animation

I have a benchmark reading a single *vti file, creating 4 camera keyframes, and simply playing the Animation. There is nothing else in my visualization pipeline . Using ParaView 5.8, it reads the file a single time, and plays the animation really fast.

Using the master branch (5.8.1-1529-gc3c8d3e315), testing for the soon-to-come 5.9, the file gets re-read for every iteration of the GetAnimationScene().Play(). This seems completely counter-intuitive. The vtkImageData is static; it has no Time Value associated with it.

I have created a reproducer code. Generate a wavelet similar to my data (see the python script). Then play the script.

CFDvolume31.py (2.0 KB) .

@nicolas.vuaille: Is this related to our devs ?

@mwestphal I don’t think it is related to our last devs. I’m investigating. (I reproduce with the given script, thanks to @jfavre)