Yet another OpenGL issue thread

I have installed ParaView 5.6 on a virtual machine (VMware workstation 14, host is windows 10 and guest is windows 7), and PV is complaining about the OpenGL version.

I did the MESA_OVERRIDE = 3.2 trick and verified that host machine has OpenGL (version 4.5 actually).
After the override setting, the error / warning message displays:

OpenGL vendor: VMware,Inc
OpenGL Version: 3.2 (Core Profile) Mesa 10.6.0 (git-9c42128)
OpenGL Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on SVGA3D; build: RELEASE; LLVM;

Apparently the virualization machine has a SVGA virtual hardware. Is there any workaround to this?

Unrelated to ParaView, you may want to try this:

Yep, it worked. Apparently there is more to VMware than meets the eye.


13/03/2019 (Note for future self): change compatibility mode (virtualHW.version) in the *.vmx file

I have observed that PV now freezes without error message… is this a known issue in VMs?

nothing comes to mind. How do you reproduce the issue ?

I have encountered it only 3 times, so I can’t provide much information, but it was during normal use of the software:

  1. Open PV
  2. Load csv data (it has timestep, i.e. I have a bunch of csv files)
  3. Datapoints from Table
  4. I start using it to play the point cloud, change colormaps, color by different scalars
  5. At some point and for unknown causes it freezes. I have to kill the program with Task Manager.

sorry, doesn’t ring a bell.

The crashes seem to occur mostly when left-clicking in-scene items (color legend, selecting points).
The freezing its still a mystery as it occurs at random.