z stack render


May I ask for little hint/help with ParaView? I am totally new to this type of rendering\calculations, and it is just giving me headache.
I have z stack from ZEISS Airyscan, fluorescent image, 2 channels. I need to perform 3D out of this and also calculate volume of interest. I followed the tutorial how to create raw file out of .tiff, I did it, I tried to load it into Paraview, and all what I got were only white grids of the box, nothing else happened. Could anyone guide me or explain what am I doing wrong here?

Just change the representation from “Outline” to “Surface” or “Volume” depending on what you are looking for. You may want to follow one of the basic ParaView tutorial. That will help you a lot down the road.

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Dear Sebastien,

I did it, I was even able to produce my own sphere! Although, I cannot still produce anything out of my raw file, even if I follow every possible walktrough etc. I get exactly nothing and I start to be hopeless. Would it be a possibility to connect with me over the teams/zoom or postal pigeon to give me virtual hands on?