zmax from GetDataInformation().GetBounds() is wrong

Hi, hope I’m not missing anything simple but is there anything one should call on an object before running GetDataInformation().GetBounds() in pvpython on an object?

In the GUI when you do a box clip, if you hit Reset Bounds, the Box Parameters seem to give the bounds of the object, but for some reason, in pvpython the zmax bound does not match. (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, and zmin match that in the GUI, however.)

For example, for this file:
In the GUI, I get:

but using pvpython:

I also tried running Show(surface_flow, RenderView) before getting the bounds but it still gets zmax wrong for some reason. I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks.

Forgot to add the sample dataset: surface_flow_0.vtu

I don’t see any discrepancy:
zmax-zmin = 3.0477-(-7.8752) = 10.9229 = Length

You can check the bounds in the information tab of the reader object without the need for a clip filter.

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Hi @bastian - thank you! I was thinking of the box in terms of min and max by accident, you’re completely right… The ‘length’ label should have been an immediate giveaway. A bit embarrassed to say I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me last night! Cheers.