Zoom to Selection or zoom to element

Let’s say I want to zoom into Element 51476 (for whatever reason, I want to examine it).
The only way I know to do this now is:

  1. Find Data with Query = GlobalElementId == 51476
  2. Extract Selection - Apply
  3. Mostly the Extract Selection is not visible (v5.4.1) but it’s input still is so:
    a. Turn visibility of FInd Data input object Off
    b. Turn visibility of Extract selection On
    Select Extract Selection in tree and zoom to data

What I actually want is something simple that will zoom to element 51476, without affecting the pipeline tree or the visibility of other objects.
Cubit has a “zoom element 51476” command and I’d like something like that.

Any ideas??


What I really want is just something which will visually zoom into

How about something more generic, such as Zoom to Selection? We already have Reset (which is zoom to extents), Zoom to Data (I dislike the name - should be Zoom to Filter Data), how about a 3rd?

I wrote it up here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/issues/18500. Thanks for the idea.

I agree, Zoom to Selection would be extremely useful and would fulfill this need with just a preceding Selection step


I would really like “Zoom to Selection” added to the Find Data dialog - that is becoming my go-to way of doing all things dealing with Selection

The way I wrote the bug, it will be yet another icon on the main screen. This would work when the Find Data dialog is up. Any objections? I would rather that the Find Data didn’t get even more complicated, and I would rather that we didn’t “hide” this feature in the Find Data (since since selections are usually done on the top of the main view).