2D mesh to 3D prismatic by extrusion along z-axis

I have a .vtk file with a polygonal mesh in a square domain. I would like to create a 3D prismatic mesh by extruding the 2D mesh along vertical axis. Is there an option to do that? It seems that Linear Extrusion filter is not what I’m looking for.


The Linear Cell Extrusion filter would be able to extrude triangles into prism elements. However, this filter requires that the data be Cell data.

If this filter is not available, you will need to write an extrusion script with a Programmable Filter. The following may be helpful in this case.

Dear Kenichiro,

thank you for the advice.

To anyone interested, I actually made a piece of code that creates 3D extrusion from a 2D mesh of general polygons. It works fine with meshes created by PolyMesher, which was my main aim. Please find attached the code (it may be a bit messy).

As for vertical refinement, you have to apply Transform filter several times, translating the 3D extruded mesh to create several layers and then unite them using AppendDatasets filter.
extrude_poly.py (2.4 KB)


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