3D plot for X,Y,Z,Temp

Dear All,

I want to have a nice 3d surface (or scattered) plot for the points I have from the simulation I have.

I got a CSV with all coordinate points with the relevant temperature.

thanks a lot,


Hi Richard,

You can try to use the delaunay filters.

hi, this is the csv file, and it crashes paraview during delaunay 2d1.csv (1.5 MB)

You should use delaunay 3D as your point are in a volume.
It seems to works nicely here.

dear Mathieu,

did you do TableToPoints filter before delanuay 3d ?


Of course. Here is a .pvsm to load.
Tested with pv 5.6.0.

csv.pvsm (151.8 KB)

really sorry, I am a real newbie with paraview.

coudl you tell me the method step by step?

I loaded my CSV
then filter - table to points
then delanuay 3d?

I am getting error messages

much appreciated

Hi Richard,

No problem, can you precise which version of Paraview you are using.
In any case, here is how to do it :

  • Open ParaView
  • Open your .csv file, Apply
  • Filter -> Table to points
  • set X to x, Y to y, Z to z, Apply
  • Filter -> Delaunay 3D, Apply