A "Show preview" checkbox when capturing screenshots

This is mainly for raytracing renders. After initially adjusting your settings, it does a full render which takes a decent amount of time. Then once you go through the capture screenshot procedure, it seems to render over again several times even if you haven’t changed anything. I assume this is to show exactly what screenshot you’re going to get, but with raytracing on it’s extremely tedious. I think a solution would just be to have a “Show preview” checkbox that’s off by default. If you want to update the render, you can turn it on. This would prevent unnecessarily rendering the same thing multiple times.

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That is an interesting idea @LeeAlacoque !

FYI @timothee.chabat @Dave_DeMarle

I totally agree. Maybe putting the render mode to “interactive” would be enough ? Or maybe forcing the number of samples per pixel to a low numbers.