Add boolean operations filters

From a user voice request

add boolean operations between several meshes. Not only append, but really intersection, union, difference.

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@moreland @utkarsh.ayachit @cory.quammen Anyone mind giving me an explanation what this means? The points match? The volumes intersect? point 1 from mesh 1 - point 1 from mesh 2?

Please see this VTK Journal article that describes the problem and a set of filters added to VTK that get close to adding it, though as a geometric algorithm it is challenging to make it work in all cases.

Cory, I’m confused. What I see looks like an abstract with source and testing code, not a journal article. Anyway, it looks like a good idea to me. As you understand it more than I do, want to write up a feature request in ParaView to enable this functionality? (I assume it is in VTK…) OK to add me to the label. Lets make it for 5.11?

Found it. Thanks. Will look tomorrow.

Talked to Cory. He will write this up, and i will fund it.

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Very cool. Boolean operators are standard in 3D modelling applications are are incredibly useful. This sort of thing will make control of visualizations considerably easier!