Add feature to evenly distribute views

Problem: If a user wants to create a layout of views that are divisible by two, it’s quite simple to get an even distribution of these views using the split icons:
However, if the user wants a layout of say, three images, it’s quite onerous to do so. Also, there have been a handful of times where I’ve accidentally moved the dividing line between a “power of two” layout and it’s painful to get back to an even distribution again.

For example, here’s me trying to use the GUI to make a 1x3 layout of results:

I’m then left with either dragging the dividing lines back and forth to get close to an even distribution, or I’ve got to load up a Python shell and run a trace command in order to script this.

Proposed Feature:
Some functionality in ParaView that does one or more of the following:

  • Lets the user specify the relative width & height for each view in a layout,
  • Lets the user add a “dimension constraint” between two or more views to set one or more of their dimensions to be equal.
  • Lets the user select multiple contiguous views and distribute [horizontally | vertically] similar to PowerPoint.
  • Other?

A simpler idea would be as follows:

Add two new buttons next to the split buttons: distribute horizontally, distribute vertically.

When clicked, all views will be distributed in the wanted direction. Eg:


Mathieu, good idea.

And Greg, thanks for the “nudge”.