Add waiting icon when paraview is busy

When Paraview is processing a long task, we have no indication for when it has done. It could be a good thing to have a visual information about when it is processing, for example a cursor icon change (a loading weel or a tiny hourglass).

It seems possible in Qt with QApplication::setOverrideCursor(Qt::WaitCursor) and QApplication::restoreOverrideCursor() when it’s done.

I think it could make the paraview experience more comfortable, and it will avoid some misclicking when paraview is busy.

What do you think about it?


I can see the benefit, especially when it’s a long rendering operation. I usually figure out what’s going on when I try to move the render-view and get a grey screen, which means I’ve now triggered at least one more render.

For many things, there’s also an indication progress bar on the bottom right of the screen.

I’m picking this one up. Good idea. Scheduled for 5.11.

Longer term, we really need to clean up the progress indicator. It’s really useless. Note this is an extremely hard problem, as we don’t want to slow down multiprocessor, and the progress indicator needs to know about all of the filters in the pipeline browser. Probably won’t happen soon.

Bug/ feature request is