Adding a reader plugin via VisIt Bridge


I’ve got a VisIt database plugin that i’d like to add to Paraview (which I built from source with PARAVIEW_USE_VISITBRIDGE=ON and Boost_INCLUDE_DIR is set).

In my plugin directory, I created a CMakeLists.txt similar to the one here :

Except I get this error when configuring I don’t know how to solve :

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:14 (ADD_VISIT_PLUGIN_READER):
    Unknown CMake command "ADD_VISIT_PLUGIN_READER".

Does anyone know what I’m missing ?

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

Version 5.6.0

Did you try first to use the example visit plugin from paraview sources :

I just did, and I the same thing happens. So I guess my custom installation must be the problem.

That example plugin has been commented out for a long time (last touched in 2012 and it was commented before that too). I suspect that ParaView is not making the required CMake API available to external consumers (likely true on master as well). However, on master, the required CMake code is a lot cleaner and we can look at making it available. This would involve some work since the code ultimately assumes that there is only one consumer of the global properties used by the API (which is not a valid assumption for installed CMake APIs).

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