Adding CMasher colormaps to future ParaView release

The CMasher python package provides a collection of scientific colormaps (GitHub - 1313e/CMasher: Scientific colormaps for making accessible, informative and 'cmashing' plots). Me and fellow collaborator from our research group, Ritali, have written a Python code that can create an XML file to include all these new colormaps as a preset. I’m attaching both the preset and the Python code. I’m not aware of what plans are already in place for the next ParaView release. Nevertheless, in my opinion, adding these new colormaps to the library of available colormaps will be a great addition. Let this be known here, and I let the developer community decide on it. (849 Bytes)
cmasher-presets.xml (1.6 MB)

Colormaps available in CMasher: