Allow rotation of axes grid title

Hello all,

It seems that currently it’s not possible to change the orientation of the Y axis title in 2D RenderView:
the text is always oriented left-to-right, orthogonal to the axis. It would be nice to have an option to rotate the text so that it runs parallel to the axis, similarly to how the Left axis title runs parallel to the axis in Chart View.

(More in general, this might also be nice to have in 3D, with the labels running paralle to each axis orientation.)

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There is no way to rotate the title but, from what I see it is currently aligned with the axis :

Ouch, sorry, I should have clarified that these are 2D plots in a RenderView, for example:

Oh, ok.
No more luck, there is no such option … But it is a good feature request, I will move it to the appropriate category.

Can you reword the initial post to make it clearer please?

Thanks. For the time being I will omit the axes titles altogether and add text to the image description as a workaround. I’ve reworded the initial post and title to make it more like a feature request, I hope it’s fine.