Angle measurement tool

Hello there,
Please correct me if I am wrong: I did not find any angle measurement tool.
Until now I tried to find one on the internet or I drew two tangent lines by hand to obtain numerical parameters and to compute my angle.
As a basic tool, there may be a reason if it does not actually exist.

Does anyone know a way to measure correctly an angle with Paraview?
Or does anyone know why this tool is not present?

Thanks for your attention!
Julien B.

The Protractor tool, on the Measurement toolbar, is present in the current version of ParaView:

but it’s fairly new, so you should try updating ParaView if you don’t have it.

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Thanks a lot !

Dear friends,

I download, but I do not find the “Protractor” tool on the Measurement toolbar. So I want to know specifically which version do you download?

Thanks a lot!

It is only in the development version for now. It will be part of the next 5.12 release.

You can try out a nightly build of ParaView: Download ParaView