appropriate representation and settings for screenshot of 3d mesh

Here is a .vtk file containing a 3d mesh.

tria.vtk (183.3 KB)

I want to create a high-quality screenshot of the mesh for a publication. Using default settings and Surface With Edges representation, I get

Loading this mesh in a tool such as gmsh, the quality of the visualized mesh is obviously way better

I played with the color of the cells, the edge color and edge thickness, … but I am not able to create a result which is similar to the one in gmsh. The edges look always blurred.

Any ideas for appropriate settings?

Thank you!

For some reason, your file renders with edges even when using a Surface representation (I’m using ParaView 5.12.0-RC3):

My guess is that when you apply the Surface with Edges representation that then the Edges are clashing with the white edges.

If, however, you use the ExtractCellsByType filter and choose Hexahedron for the Cell Type option then the Surface representation doesn’t render the edges:

From there you can then apply the Surface with Edges representation to recover “normal-looking” edges:

NOTE: I see your mesh contains linear hexahedra, but if you ever wish to use higher-order elements, ParaView has a bug / design choice that results in “broken” edges.

If you wish to render higher-order (deg 2+) elements with edges, then for your dataset you would apply an additional ExtractCellsByType filter on the original dataset, this time choosing the Line cell type. Then you would draw the first of these filters as a Surface and the second as a Wireframe:

Thanks a lot! Probably, I should check some options when I write the vtk file.

I was also wondering why the Wireframe representation shows nothing in the GUI. Do you have an idea as for that?