Calculating the residence time in ParaView


I have an unsteady flow area and would like to calculate the residence time in ParaView.

My current procedure is as follows:

  1. Temporal Interpolator
  2. point source as a plane
  3. use particle path filter
  4. use a slice filter on the Particle Path filter with a defined z-coordinate at the end of the flow area
  5. extract the particle age times as a csv
  6. creating the residence time distribution in Excel

This works for me. I have only one problem and that is, as soon as the particle moves out of the flow area, the whole particle path is deleted or disappears.

So far I have solved the problem by artificially extending the flow area with very low values for the velocity, so that the particles are still recorded.

Is there a better solution for this?
Probably there is no way to make the particles run only up to a certain z-coordinate, is there? Like similar to the Termination Time.

Many greetings


ParticlePath does not have this option afaik. It should be possible to add it though.

Hello alkali,

I was wondering if you were able to fix your issue and calculate the residence time in Paraview. I am facing some issues and couldn’t follow the steps you published.


Please open your own topic explaining what you tried and what is not working.

Thank you. I have opened my own topic here