Cartesian Coordinate to Cylindrical Coordinate


I have my stress tensor data file with (x, y, z) cartesian coordinate system and components as xx, xy, xz, yx, yy and so on the 9 components in it.

Now I want to have it in Cylindrical coordinate system. I have seen that calculator filter can be used for this based on some of the previous discussion.

But can anyone help me with how to actually use it or define the r, theta, and z in it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I covered this here:

There’s also my feature request to add such transformations to ParaView: Transforming results to user-defined (local) coordinate systems

Please like it if you want to upvote this request and make it a bit more likely to be realized.

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Thanks for your help in this problem.

Yes, your video has covered exactly what was needed.