Choppy streamlines

Hello. I’m trying to draw streamlines, but for some reason, the stream lines are so choppy as in the photos. I tried both point cloud seed and line seed, but neither was good.
Can I fix this by tuning paramters?

Looks like you have way too high velocity. use smaller steps or even divide your velocity with the calculator.

Could you explain what exactly “smaller steps” mean, as there are multiple parameters that look relevant to me?

As for dividing velocity in calculator, the result looked the same as before.

please share your data. (772.1 KB)

Sorry for the late reply. I use .txt files, and the columns relevant are: 1 - 3(coordinates), and 4 - 6(velocity).

Thanks in advance.

The provided state file cant be opened as some files are missing.

To save the file size, I only uploaded files for time steps 91 - 99. Will it be still impossible to open files after selecting a time between these?

Click on “Velocity” in your pipeline browser
File → SaveData
Save a .vtu file
Share the file here


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find .vtu extension. Is it vtk?

You dataset is a polydata ?

Ok save as a .vtp please. (683.7 KB)
Here is my vtp file.

Ok, the problem is that you are using the Streamlines on the output of the Glyph filter, this is incorrect.

Use it on the output of the calculcator instead.

I see. However, I suppose that further tuning of parameters is required, as no lines are present after creating a stream tracer from the output of the calculator.

Well, then please share the output of the calculcator.

calculator_velocity.vtp (296.2 KB)
Here is the result of calculator.

Your dataset is a point cloud, you can’t compute streamlines on a point cloud.

What is your objective here ?

The objective is to see the flow pattern and make a comparison with existing research works, which normally use streamlines.

you can’t compute streamlines on a point cloud

Is there any solution to this? Or is it inherenty impossible for data of particles?

Your point cloud is coming from a volumic dataset, it would be better to recover this dataset.

To do so, could you tell me what action exactly I need to take?

Where is your txt file coming from ?