cividis colormap

Wanting to use a colormap that could be read by the most people possible I’ve decided to use the cividis which is an optimization of the viridis sequential colormap of mathplotlib to flatten the perceptual delta perceived by people with color vision deficiency.

Because it is not by available by default in ParaView, I’m sharing here the xml file of its definition.

cividis.xml (13.9 KB)

Thanks !

I just want to add a preview:

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My search skills must not be good enough because If I had found your post I would not have spent time reformatting cividis for ParaView! :wink:

Louis, your post reninded us about this color map. It’s always OK to remind us of good ideas!

I changed schedule for adding this color map. It should go in next spring, in the 5.10 release.

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