Color bar position resetting after hiding/un-hiding pipeline node

Continuing the discussion from Multiple colorbar custom positions not honored: I read this topic from a few months ago which is similar to the question I have, but it doesn’t have any responses and my question is a bit different so I’m using Reply as a Linked Topic.

I am using a PV Python script that specifies a custom location for two color bars, among other steps (ParaView version 5.9.1 on Windows 10). After running the script, if I hide the pipeline node that uses one of the color bars (by clicking the eye icon), and then I un-hide it, the color bar resets its position and automatically goes to the upper right corner. The custom values that the Python script sets for ‘Position’ aren’t changed, but the ‘Window Location’ which was set to ‘AnyLocation’ is now ‘UpperRightCorner’ so it overrides the ‘Position’ values. Is there any way to stop this reset from happening?

Curiously, if there are two nodes that have custom locations for their respective color bars, the above behavior only happens with the first node that I choose to hide/un-hide. I can hide/un-hide the other node without resetting the position of its color bar.

Here are the files for reproducing the issue: (this is a link to where you can find it in my public GitHub repo because the file is too large to upload here, ~92 MB). (1.7 KB) (5.4 KB)

And here are the steps:

  1. Load the dataset with the file using the XDMF Reader.
  2. After clicking Apply, run the script.
  3. Hide and then un-hide either one of the pipeline nodes.

Yep, that’s a bug. Thanks for reporting.

I replicated it with disk_out_ref.exo (a small toy dataset). Written up here: