Multiple colorbar custom positions not honored

I have an issue on both a custom build and prebuilt binary with paraview 5.8.1 in which a python state is saved with a renderview that has two colorbars that have defined positions.

At the end of the python script the two color bars are set to ‘on’ in the renderview

# show color legend
clip4Display.SetScalarBarVisibility(renderView1, True)

# show color legend
clip6Display.SetScalarBarVisibility(renderView1, True)

However, when this script is run in pvbatch, it turns out that only the second of these calls are enforced. The first colorbar is set to the default ‘top right’ position.

I have played around with Render(renderView1) in various locations but cannot manage to get both colorbars to their appropriate locations.


It’s possible that this bug is reported here:

Oh, and thanks for reporting it!