Color by a String Array


I have an unstructured mesh vtu file, with several point and cell data. One of the cell data (“Group Slot : geology”) is of type ‘string’, and I would like to have the colors according to the string values (“Interpret values as categories” button is activated).
The string values are correctly read, as they appear in the legend, but the cells are still colored with the “Nan color”.

I thought this issue was solved by this thread, but even if I’m working with release 5.11.1, it is not working.

Here is a simplified vtk file :
vtk_LAR_v6_161_636_test.vtu (2.1 MB)

Do you have any ideas to solve my problem ?

Thanks !

If you follow the thread you mentioned, you will see that this is still an open issue, which is scheduled to be solved in 5.13.

Meanwhile, use number identifiers and rename them in the GUI.

Ah OK, thanks.
I was just confused because the other thread was highlighting two issues (one with the coloring, and another one with the cell selection).
But anyway, I will work on some turnarounds.

I managed to write a programmable filter changing these strings to numbers based on a dictionary.

Seems to work.