Community Recorded Workshop: Introduction to Scientific Visualization with ParaView

Hi everyone!

The KAUST Visualization Core Lab has recently recorded an introductory workshop on scientific visualization with ParaView which is available here:

The contents are as follows:

0:00:00 Introduction to ParaView @ KAUST
0:15:30 Loading Scalar Data in ParaView
0:24:07 Slicing and Contouring
0:43:45 Volume Rendering
0:54:45 Loading Vector Data in ParaView
1:00:45 Arrow Plots
1:12:40 Streamlines
1:23:45 Line Integral Convolution
1:29:18 Introduction to ParaView GUI
1:31:33 Visualization Pipeline Review
1:35:06 ParaView GUI Overview
1:38:37 Data Sources
2:00:24 Filters
2:13:31 Views
2:35:00 Save and Load Pipeline State
2:39:11 Multiple Views
2:47:05 Outputs - Export Screenshot & Animations
3:00:00 Concluding

There is a small amount of information in it only relevant for KAUST users, but I think a large part of the workshop could be interesting for users of this mailing list, hopefully complementing other introductory videos.

Thomas Theussl
Visualization Scientist
KAUST Visualization Core Lab


Very nice ! Thanks for sharing !