Convert line plots to tex

Is there a way to convert line plots generated in ParaView to .tex? I want to have my plots in a tex document and want them to look very consistent with the document. And its a hustle to convert all text formatting to Times in plot when you have a lot of them.


Hello Qutadah !

I am not aware of a method to export to to .tex files but here are some suggestions:

  • Most annotations accept Tex code if enclosed in $...$. So you can write your titles, text elements, etc. in “math mode” directly.
  • When it comes to consistency, a good idea is to save your configurations (font name & size for example) as the default. This is achieved using the disk button which is appears in almost all the menus:
    Screenshot from 2022-03-27 20-38-49
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The option to save in math mode I am aleady using, but the option to save configuration I did not know about thanks a lot!

I really hope there will be a future addition to export plots as tex format, it would be much easier and more in line with the tex document.

Thank you !

You may want to open a feature request here: Feature Requests - ParaView

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done @mwestphal thanks!