Creating Custom SLAM Trajectory

Hi @baldpixels,

In order to be able to load an external trajectory, it needs to satisfy the 3 following requirements :

  • It shall have the correct formatting: yours seems correct
  • It shall come with an external calibration file so that the SLAM know the transform between the poses and the LiDAR data => have you provided this file in your test ? And do you know this calibration ?
  • It shall be synchronized with the LiDAR time : in your csv file the time array starts at 3 seconds. And hard to say for sure your without your pcap data, but LiDAR data is usually in POSIX time (now would be 1712045779 )

When those conditions are satisfied, you may do the following to use it in the SLAM :.

  • Create a SLAM filter.
  • Use the “External sensors” field and load a CSV file containing synchronized poses. Change the following parameters: “Undistortion: External”, “Motion extrapolation: External”, “pose weight = 100000000” (this last parameter should appear in a new section at the bottom of the “Properties” window when the CSV file is entered).
  • Launch the SLAM.

For refinement at the end: check “Use pose graph”. Check “external pose” in the pose graph settings section and click on “Optimize graph”.

Would it be possible to send your pcap file ( even privately), so we can also have a look and see if the SLAM can also be improved in that scenario without external poses ?

You may also consider using latest LidarView/SLAM.

Artifacts of master are available here

Latest release available here

Hope this helps,