LidarView SLAM Not Integrating External Sensor Trajectory Data


I have followed the instructions in this post to use an external sensor to serve as the SLAM trajectory. However, I am still running into problems…

I have confirmed that my external sensor .csv data is correct and properly formatted (see attached.) What is strange to me, is that each time I run SLAM with the same external sensor data, the trajectory turns out differently! This implies to me that my external sensor data is not determining the trajectory as it should.

Everything considered, my professor and I have become rather frustrated with what seems like a straightforward task: using GPS/IMU data from a drone to aggregate LiDAR frames. We have the position and orientation data, so why is it so difficult to integrate this data in LidarView? It seems like a serious product flaw…

At this point, I’m not sure we would recommend Velodyne products to other researchers trying to capture aerial LiDAR data, but hopefully this problem can still be resolved.

Any help is appreciated!

FLY070-formatted.csv (61.8 KB)

Answers in associated post.