Customizing ParaView Glance interface


I’m still getting up to speed on ParaView Glance, and so have a few questions, but I’ll start with a couple of related ones.

  1. In another thread Sebastien mentions an “index.html” file that can be modified – where do I find this file? If I export as .vtkjs and use the advanced option to read a ParaViewGlance.html file, I see that it produces a new .html file, but I do not find any “index.html” file that is generated.

[ASIDE: Am I correct in understanding that the myapp.html file that is generated uses the supplied ParaViewGlance.html file as a template of sorts?]

[ASIDE2: When I do an open->file on that “myapp.html”, I’m only getting some HTML forms on the left side of the browser and no data, what is the common user error that causes this? Ie. what am I doing wrong? (If I load the .vtkjs file into the Glance lander page, that does work]

  1. Hmmm, I was going to ask a “second” question here, but with the two asides, that’s probably enough for one post, so a hint, I’ll be asking in another post how difficult is it for me to alter the left-side interface options.


Hi Bill,

  1. ParaView Glance get published via npm and its index.html can be found here or in the repo if you plan to build it yourself.

For your myapp.html, you are correct, the file ParaViewGlance.html get used and a new script tag get added along with the data.

Aside2: The myapp.html should already load your data unless you did an export without anything. Otherwise, I’m not sure what you mean by form on the left.

  1. I guess it depend what you are planning to do.