Exporting Text 3d labels (billboard) to vtkjs / glance

I have a scene in Paraview (running 5.9.1 under Linux); the datasets loaded as .vts plus a few 3d labels are added from a python script.

When I try to export the scene with the labels (Text objects rendered with TextPropMode='Billboard 3D Text',BillboardPosition=[...]), I get the Failed to rename datasets using ParaView proxy name, which (as I read Customizing ParaView Glance interface) is related to lack of support of Text object in the exporter.

Can someone confirm this is still the case for 5.9.1? Are there workarounds for 3d labels (besides adding them via JS)?

I’m pretty sure 3D labels are not properly handled at the PV side (for web export). Ideally we should create an issue (+test) for ParaView with some state file to test and validate what we aim to support. Once supported on the ParaView side, we’ll have to make sure the pieces needed are available in vtk.js and then enabled in Glance.