data out of range using pvtr file


I have some problem with the latest versions of Paraview (from 5.8 at least) . When I load data from a pvtr file, data are out of range (-1E+38 , 1E+38). All is right when I directly load data from vtr files (files present in the pvtr file, which are in binary format).
The problem occurs with different OS (MacOS, Linux).
Loading data from my .pvtr file works well with an oldest version of Paraview (5.0.1 64).
Please, could you help me to understand and solve this problem ?
Thank you for your help.

You find here the pvtr file I used. Every data features (the data type, the byte order) are identical to these defined in the .vtr files.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<VTKFile type="PRectilinearGrid" version="1.0" byte_order="LittleEndian" header_type="UInt32">
  <PRectilinearGrid WholeExtent="0 513 0 257 0 0 " GhostLevel="0">
      <PDataArray type="Float32" Name="Velocity" NumberOfComponents="2" format="binary"/>
      <PDataArray type="Float32" Name="T" NumberOfComponents="1" format="binary"/>
      <PDataArray type="Float32" Name="X" NumberOfComponents="1" format="binary"/>
      <PDataArray type="Float32" Name="Y" NumberOfComponents="1" format="binary"/>
      <PDataArray type="Float32" Name="Z" NumberOfComponents="1" format="binary"/>
    <Piece Extent="0 257 0 129 0 0 " Source="res_00000_0000149.vtr"/>
    <Piece Extent="0 257 128 257 0 0 " Source="res_00001_0000149.vtr"/>
    <Piece Extent="256 513 0 129 0 0 " Source="res_00002_0000149.vtr"/>
    <Piece Extent="256 513 128 257 0 0 " Source="res_00003_0000149.vtr"/>

please share the complete data, not only the .pvtr file.

You find here the archive test_pvtr.tar, which contains the paraview files (.vtr + .pvtr) and a png file showing a field view of the data set (created from the version 5.0.1 64).
Thank you for your help.

I reproduce but your pvtr file seems fine. Deeper investigation would be necessary to understand what is going on.

OK, I think so. Thank you for your help.


Have you got some news about the issue ?


First step would be to open an issue here:

If it is critical for you that this issue is fixed, you may want to consider contacting Kitware for support:
More info here: