Discord channel for ParaView

Hello everyone,

I see on the internet that there are a lot of people looking for an IRC channel for ParaView, showing that there is a need for a chat platform. So I have created a #paraview channel on Elmer’s Discord server. You are all welcomed to join and invite the rest of the community. Looking forward to talking to you all there.


P.S. there is also a chat room for r/flossCAD subreddit if you are a Redditor :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing !

I did not find info about the prupose of the Elmer’s discord though, can you give some info about it ?

Who is Elmer by the way ?

Found it : http://www.elmerfem.org/blog/

Hi Mathieu,

If you like to know more about Elmer please check the GitHub repo . Feel free to ask any question on the Discord channel.