Dynamic streamlines

I would like to make a dynamic rendering with this dataset.
Ideally, some arrows moving along the lines showing the wind/particule direction.
I’m not yet demanding with the accuracy of the analysis but at the technical possibilities.
Thanks in advance, Frank

There is a trick you can do with the Contour filter and the animation tracks to animate particles along the streamlines. I found an old post that describes how to do it: https://www.paraview.org/Wiki/Advanced_Tips_and_Tricks#Animating_a_static_vector_field

The basic idea is as follows.

  1. Add the Contour filter to your Stream Tracer filter. Set the Contour By filter to IntegrationTime.
  2. Open the Animation View (View menu → Animation View).
  3. Add an animation track for the Contour filter and the Isosurfaces property.
  4. Increase the No. Frames to something larger (like 100) so that you have a smoother animation.
  5. Hit play.

You should see some dots move along the streamlines. You can use the Glyph filter to to covert the dots to cones or arrows or whatever.

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