Efficient Way to Handle Animations with Time Series Data Stored in Named Folders

Dear ParaView Community,

I am working with a dataset for animations where each time step is stored in its own folder, and I am struggling with the best way to manage and animate this data in ParaView.
The time steps stores in its own folders:

The vtk files inside the folders:

The content of the .visit files:

My current method involves manually copying and renaming files from their respective folders into a single directory to create a coherent time sequence for animation. For instance, I use the following command to rename and move vtk files:cp out03/vtk/vtk.ts0000000/3d-curves.vtk animation/3d_curves_ts0000000.vtk
However, as the dataset is extensive, this process is very time-consuming.

Is there a more efficient method to handle such datasets directly within ParaView, or perhaps a scripting solution that could automate the renaming and organizing of these files? Besides, I have no idea about what can the .visit file do. Any guidance or examples of scripts that could help automate this process would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Create a .series file instead.